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Humour, serious discussion and political satire

Click graphic to read this article The webmasters stab at humour: Why are Microsoft products so ridden with software bugs? A view of Bill Gates (bah!!) and why the users provide him with his staple food diet of lamb cutlets served with mint sauce... and why he likes custard pie surprises.
Click graphic to read this article Tony Blair's Labour government and why they are giving away billions of tax payers money to the European Union. The web master begins to vent his anger. I also look at the Labour governments other interference in your everyday life, their political correctness and their loony nanny state. They will even wipe your botty for you.
Click graphic to read this article The webmasters secondary attempt at satire humour. I look at why their are aliens within Tony Blair's government. The aliens include: "ministers who audition for car insurance ads who mince on the dancefloor", "why a particular children's TV character called "Bungle Bear" is present in the Labour Party", and "a look at Cyberdyne systems who are now building Labour government cyborgs". The truth is out there...
Click graphic to read this article My views of the political correctness establishment who have now denied us from good stand up comedy. Also contains some of my all time favourite Jokes. You will laugh and laugh...
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