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Why Tony Blair is giving away billions to the EU.

Article pictureIt is almost the end of 2005. You probably moan after each succession of government and their failures, but Tony Blair's Labour government we still have to put up with. People moaned at Margret Thatcher, but she was a strong leader, much stronger than Tony Blair. Blair is weak for he has given away the most part of our EU rebate, which Thatcher refused to surrender. A bad decission. All the time Blair had the rebate in his possession, it could be used as a bartering tool, much like a pack of aces held to the dealer chest. Blair proceeded to give most of it away. Day by day, we are losing our rights as a country. But the fact remains we were conned into the EU. The idiot Ted Heath signed up to the common market. Most people thought joining the common market was a fantastic idea to boost our economy. How wrong Ted Heath was. It was in fact a trick to bound us to the European Union constitution. Hence, A clause in the contract meant we did not read the small print, and now we are being shafted good and proper from every orifice to pay further money into the pot. A recent UK Independence Party member informs me around 40 million per day is going into the European Union thanks to the generous UK tax payer, and the mugs of this country are paying into it. The British people only get around half of this money back, which then the European Parlament via the French parliment in Brussel's dictate how it should be spent. So much for democracy !

America had the right idea, they steered well clear of the EU !

To make matters worse, every day as more EU legislation comes into play, we lose our Britishness. Listen to a particular evening talk radio station, on AM radio here in England, and you will hear people are sick of this country; they are leaving the country in their droves. What angers me most, is we all go and buy a poppy to remember those servicemen and women who fell in battle who faught for this country, and day by day we give up our Britishness to the European Union! Already alot of our legislation is rather than being decided upon in our own democratic parliment, is being dictated to us by the EU via the European bureaucrats. This is not democracy: it is dictatorship, and as each day passes we pay more into the European Union and to Brussel's so they can dictate more legislation. Yes folks, our democracy is in jepody, as is our democratic parlimentary system. Wake up people!

The EU was designed to produce an even balance throughout the world economy; it was designed so that poorer countries could build up their economies by providing them with financial support through handouts. The problem is that it is fatally flawed: all the time countries such as the soviet block are holding out their begging pot to receive financial support, it means such nations become lazy; since they then have no incentive to help themselves by improving their economies at all, because they expect mugs such as UK tax payers to support them. The UK is the largest contributor to the European union and people in this country are being screwed right left and centre. Whatsmore, all the time we hold out the begging bowl with lots of crispy notes and shiny coins others want to get their grubby mits on Brits money to get a share of the handout with a huge grin and pound signs in their eyes!

Next time you drive in Spain and get a speeding ticket, refuse to pay the fine and tell the police it is British money that paid for their bloody road in the first place through the British taxpayer's handouts through EU contributions. They should get the message. It may not go down well, but it is 100% fact !

The 2005 Budget. More borrowing ? Handouts for UK film makers ? They have lost the plot surely?!

Article pictureSo where did the British 2005 budget go? Well, 850 million went to the Iraq War, the remainder was wasted on the surrender of England's referrendum which was surrendered by Tony Blair, and a tiny segment went to encourage UK film makers (!), another example of cloud cuckoo land from a liberal government. The rest was borrowed once again from the bank of England, because this crap government does not know how to spend money in a sensible way, instead they waste it.

The 2006 Budget. NHS RIP, Free Bus Travel ?!

Gordon Brown's budget for 2006 was just as crap as the previous year. Don't forget Blair wasted 850 million on last years budget for funding the Iraq war, so the piggy bank is empty. The chancellor holds aforth his classic red briefcase again because it is always empty. You now not only struggle to get hospital treatment due to cancelled appointments, but also you now cannot find an NHS dentist!

Gordon Brown is proud to announce you lucky pensions get free bus travel! However old age pensioners are not stupid: they know when they are being ripped off. This "so called" bus travel is "NOT FREE!". Gordon Brown funds it by wacking up everyones community charge and robbing the pensions to the sum of five billion a year!

Stand or deliver?

The NHS is in crisis. It is in the black, and Gordon "I rob the poor to pay the rich" Brown, robs five billion a year from peoples pension schemes through such bodies as the FSA (Financial Services Authority). If you have a pension, the highway robber that is Mr Brown will be more than happy to steal it from you. Much like Adam Ant's famous chart hit "Stand, or deliver the money or your life!". Only rather than your life and holding your coach and horses to ransom via a flint lock pistol, he proceeds to hold aforth his red suitcase demanding more money because it is always empty!

Not only does this government rob five billion a year from people's pensions, but because they have robbed the pensions beyond belief, they realise that people are starting to notice their pensions are worthless, so to hide the fact they boost the retirement age up to 68 ! Time to wake up and smell the coffee. It should smell of freshly ground coffee, but instead has a strange odour of flatuence and bad wind.

What is this "nanny state" I keep hearing about ?

Article pictureNanny state is a terminology. It is an acronym which is used to describe when government try to interfer with your lifestyle, and tell you how to lead your life, from what you eat, drink, and smoke. It also refers to how you as a parent can bring up your children, when government ministers have nothing better to do.

An example of this is we hear the food standards agency television advert stating: "Eat less than 6 gramms of salt a day". We also hear nanny state dictating "do not binge drink", "do not smoke", "Take regular exercise". Such television advertising is funded by bodies such as the food standard agency, funded by tax payers and is designed to be a form of subliminal messsaging aimed at couch potato's who watch television so they may be brainwashed into how they should lead their lives, and why they need a healther life style. This trash is also screened on the local news channels (BBC and ITV). Anyhow, I went slightly off topic, so we progress back to the conversation of the nanny state, and why it evolved....

Why "nanny state" evolved

The "Nanny state" mainly evolved, through parents that do not have the time to discipline their kids due to other commitments. Instead, other people have to wipe the parents backside on their behalf because the parents do not have the time nor knowledge to know where their children are of an evening. Instead boy wonder roams the streets often in groups of "hoodies" causing misery and criminal damage. Not all parents are "bad parents". But their hands are indeed tied, for their rights are further erroded since "nanny state" dictates how to disipline your own kid in your own home: for now you can no longer chastise your kiddies botty with a good spanking without being taken to court for criminal charges, and being put behind bars. Whatmore, discipline never harmed the webmaster. This very reason of why discipline has been removed from society is due to the European Union and it's stupid European Human Right laws. You can thank the idiot Ted Heath who signed the UK up to the EU in the first place for that. This interference has extinguished our right as a British nation from teaching right from wrong. I am sure you agree it has also resulted in the breakdown of modern day society, since prisoners and murders now get lame sentence "kid gloves" treatment complete with TV's, VCR's and Playstations and early release when they should be sleeping on a bed of straw and fed stale bread and water.

It is also why liberal lefties want young offenders to sit on the naughty chair for misbehaviour instead of a good clip around the ear (see Liberal TV programming below).

The government's "Eat less than 6g of salt campaign"

Now come on, the webmaster is joking right? Wrong... read on...

Here is evidence of Tony Blair's nanny state policy regarding salt intake. It is a government run initiative because of the ".gov" extention in the web site address as you can see in the screenshot below. What is even worse, they spent millions on the television commercial for this very advert. This clealy demonstrates how Tony Blair's government love to waste tax payers money and piffle it down the drain on nanny state policies. Why not visit the web address in the screenshot below, then e-mail your local MP and ask them why this Labour government are spending money on this crap by treating us like children, when it should be going to hospitals... In the meantime, make sure you eat double the salt intake as I do...

Blair's Nanny State only want's you to eat 6g of salt per day

Liberal TV programming and why you should bin your television

Instead you must be forced to watch BBC's One's 'Super Nanny' and learn new parenting techniques and to seat the nipper on the naughty chair! How the hell does that teach them anything to behave??! This alone, is another reason why they should scrap the BBC license fee for screening such absolute liberal crap. The liscence fee Labour re-introduced, and I assure you I do not fund the BBC in any shape or form. It stands for Blair Broadcasting Corporation, since it is another stealth tax. I also suggest you do not give the BBC the dog poo off your shoe. It costs £128 a year which divided by 365 would at least buy you a pint of milk a day. Much better value for money !

The only problem is the moment you dispose of your television the gestapo from TV liscencing will begin sending you final demands for payment and red letters. Remeber, you are a law abiding citizen who does not own a television. If their final demand letters for payment have no effect, the gestapo will come aknocking at your door and treat you like some criminal. This is how the BBC liscencing treat people. They "know" you have not renewed your liscence from computer records. Tell the idiot from TV liscencing who knocks at your door the BBC is poor value for money and you no longer have a TV. If they then insist in inviting themselves into your property without concent, tell them to sod off. If they persist, tell them to get a warrant and to return with an accompanied Police officer. If they indeed cross the threshold without a warrant together and accompanied police officer to assist the search, then BBC liscencing are effectively an intruder and can be removed by Police for tresspass. Then, the mere threat of dialing 999 should send them on their way. If you took the time to "read" the back of the "TV liscence", it clearly states their inspectors cannot enter your property without a warrant. That is the law folks.

I can confirm TV detector vans are indeed a complete myth based on my own knowledge and research (the 1980's TV adverts were some Ford transit with a Sky dish mounted on the roof to get people to cough up the liscence fee). The BBC liscence gestapo only know you have a television if they can hear it when they knock at the door. Hardly rocket science! Whatsmore, if they ask you to sign a piece of paper to confirm / disconfirm you have a television receiver, refuse to sign it. There ain't bugger all they can do! BBC liscencing are hired by a seperate finance company to collect fines. They are criminals themselves for their behaviour on the vulnerable in society. Their gestapo will often visit run down communities on low incomes or students who live on-campus in hope they can get an easy buck via the £2,000 fine. It is quite appaling.

Salt, nappies, and binge drinking. Be careful dear, you may get nappy rash!

Article picture If I want to eat more than 6 gramms of salt a day, I bloody shall will ! I do not need a television advert from the Food Standard's Agency to tell me how much salt I need in my diet, courtesy of a crap television commercial (which is funded by government money), all telling us how we should reduce are salt intake. In fact, I encourage us to increase our salt intake just to piss off the foods standards agency! Another example of how Blair's nanny government are happy to pilfer your money down the drain on their nanny state policies.

Yet another campaign has been launched called the "Five" a day campaign in getting people to eat 5 portions of fruit or veg a day. No I am not joking; go and check out this very website. It's run through the NHS, and has been advertised on teleivision and is paid for via tax payers money.

Further wastage of government money is spent on the television advert to warn about the dangers of smoking. Unless somebody is very stupid, I should think "Smoking kills" written on the box is more than enough to warn people about the dangers of smoking.

Article picture In fact, as I sit here, and crack open another beer to let off steam, once again I am confronted with nanny state telling me how to drink responsibly which is clearly written on the beer can, informing me "I should not exceed 4 units". This government are treating us like children! The web master is now so boiled with rage, he almost pops a blood vessel and decides he will binge drink tonight in direct spite of the nanny state dictator. It is now getting on his tits. Arrrgh!

If a drinker wants to binge drink, that is their choice, providing they do not harm others. A example of double standards is when Blair decides to extend the liscence hours for pubs and clubs. He extended the liscence hours, since it is a further source of obtaining further taxes through liscencees selling beverages. Police also get further money from finding people on the spot for drunken behaviour at £80 a throw. Oh, what a great revenue maker!

There is so much f*cking nanny state in this country, it is as if we should all live in commune !

Leave them in the gutter

I bet the labour backbenchers when they introduced a 24 hour opening period for pubs and clubs never listened to the emergency services who's resources could be better spent dealing with other emergency cases. If scum cannot handle their booze, that is their problem. Leave them in the gutter. We hear too many reports of emergency staff getting assaulted because these morons cannot handle their alcohol. Another example of nanny state having to wipe people's backsides.

Life style

Whatsmore, if you wish to smoke, providing your smoke does not harm others it is not a problem. Labour's crap idea is that smokers should be denied treatment if they smoke. An injustice; smokers pay more into the NHS than any one else. I see them extending this: if you play dangerous sports, you will be denied hospital treatment, if your obese you will be denied treatment, or if you have belinea, you will be denied treatment, if you use a computer keyboard and get repetitive strain injury it was your fault, since you knew the risks, and so the list goes on and on...

Political correctness: BC or BP?

Some of you may of heard this story: it related to the political correctness brigade on the dating of the skeleton man found in cheddar caves in Dorset, England. If an artifact or discovery is found after the existence of Christ, it is called "Anno Domini" or "AD". On the other hand, if an artifact or discovery is older than Christ himself it is referred to as "BC" or "Before Christ". The lefty loonies decided that "BC" (Before Christ) may offend those of other religions and so they called it "BP" (supposedly, an abbrievation for "Before Person"!). I personally prefer "BC" because:

a) it makes sense.

b) if you use the term "BP" it can be confused for being an abbreviation for "British Petrolium".

To summarise, if the loony left had it their way, and choice "b" was opted, historical artifacts would be dated as BP. If you visit your local 24 hour service station you will know that "BP" is an abbreviation for "British Petrolium", which, errm, does not make a great deal of sense, considerng Christ has probably been around much longer than some petrolium company...

Weapons of 'Mass Distraction'

Their were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Only the distraction that Blair believed bush, and Blair is Bush's poodle. I most certainly agree Saddam was a tyrant, but I also have to ask, if we dealt with this war and everyone agrees it needed to be carried out, then why on earth has Korea or Iran never been dealt with through force? Both are communist regimes, who both continue genocide on a epic scale, yet other nations sit on their hands and do nothing about those countries.... very hypocritical...

Labour government and the right to free speech

Protesters outside the houses of parlament last week protesting their anger over the Iraq war were arrested because they shouted the named of felled servicemen in battle. They had every right to do so. Yes folks, I kid ye not. The moment our free speech disappears it is time to take drastic action.

Free speech has disappeared; due to the political correctness brigade. In fact, you may of noticed their is no decent stand up comedy on television anymore, for fear it shall offend ethinic minorities. No more Jim Davidson, Bernard Manning or Dave Allen telling Irish jokes. Instead on a Saturday night us British are treated to the usual crap which includes: the talentless shows such as the "X-Factor" (I call it "crap factor"), and "Pop Idol" (aka: pop idiot). You can even watch Kat Dealey present "Stars In Their Eyes" whereby pop failures hope to impersonate their idols in a karaoke session. A night at the pub would be far more entertaining just to watch the the karoke entrants getting pissed up, singing out of tune and dying of drownling in their own vomit. Far more cheaper than the BBC liscence fee that's for sure. Whatmore, it would be much more entertaining and better value for money too.

Big Brother is here

Anyone with half a brain knows that big brother is here. Since the attacks of 911, and the UK's involvement in the middle east, MI5, and MI6 operations have been stepped up to keep track of extremists in the UK. The sad news is telecommunications as well as electronic surveilance, ensures even normal joe public cannot send an e-mail without it being stored on record for five years by government agencies.

You own a mobile phone right? Turn it off unless it is essential to use it. Mobile phone tracking software can be installed on modern day PC's to track a mobile phone number within a couple of metres. What is even more worrying is anyone can download this software and as long as they know your phone number you can be tracked where you are. Now that is crazy.

ID cards is Tony Blair's next idea. Such cards if ever made will be the next stage to "Big Brother". Tony Blair has tried on numerous attempts to pass biometric ID cards through government, but has failed on each occasion. Such cards will include storing ones iris scan of an individuals eye, finger prints, DNA, national insurance number, and loads of other information. Hey Tony, what a crap idea, a criminal could clone your card and steal your identity, who is able to clone those chips on the card.

Satellite tracking for motorists in the UK

More information I found on the EU referrendum blog. As you know we already have our current global positioning system consisting of four satilites that orbit the earth. Such technology is used for your cars in built sat nav to locate where you are, by walkers and also sailors who carry GPS devices to locate where their whereabouts using longitutde and latitude. Armies all over the globe also rely on this very GPS technology to pinpoint missiles to hit their targets to within a couple of metres.

The Europeans have however launched another new satellite global positioning system called "Gallileo". Gallileo is in fact crap compared to our original GPS system that has performed faultlessly for many years. Gallileo is not as accurate. I also hear reports systems that for systems to use Gallileo for global positioning will have to pay a fee (see next paragraph).

The Europeans hugely overspent with the launch of the Gallileo satellite GPS system. They now plan to reinburse the cost of launching it into space. How are they going to do this I hear you ask? Well, by fitting black boxes into your car. For each mile your drive, you are billed by your credit / debit card.

As this in-car system uses a GPS system to locate speed and location using satellite technology, it is in effect a mobile tracking device. As such, if you were to drive down the wrong lane at the wrong time of day, and a murder takes place, you become the suspect because big brother is watching you via GPS technology. I see many motorists simply refusing to carry this crap in their car in the first place.

Carbon emissions and why they are another stealth tax

Now let's get this straight. The Labour and conservative parties here in the UK hope to reduce global warming. They plan to do so by the introduction of extra taxes on fuels for both your car, and aviation for flights abroad. They even wish to bill extra taxes for households that use extra energy. The conservative and labour parties would also like you to believe this is their idea. I can tell you now, it was not their idea at all, it was the EU who wanted a reduction in carbon emissions due to the kyoto agreement to which the UK are now being dictated too thanks to the European Union.

This is another great revenue maker for them to tax you to death even further. Do you really think, our small island known as England can cease global warming ? If you do, you no doubt live in cloud cuckoo land. Their are thousands of acres a day of brazilan rain forest being torched every day. Whatmore, global warming is a natural phenomena. Ask any scientist who has examined extracted ice core's from the north and south poles. We may speed up global warming due to destructiveness but our effect is minimal. Volcanic erruptions spew billions of megatons of CO² into the antmosphere which the earth has been doing for billions of years. This volcanic erruptions do far more damage to the planet. Whatsmore, volcano's have naturally been changing the climate this way since the beginning of time. However, government don't tell you this; because they want more taxes !

Furthermore, taxation will never cure the underlying problem of global warming. That was indeed proven in the increasing duty on fuel prices. Still people in isolated areas used their motor cars where no public transport areas are available. Yes, the labour government wish to drain even more taxation out of the british people for them to travel.

Green fuels known as "Bio fuel" take a huge amount of energy to produce. As an example, Oil seed rape needs complex manufacter processes to be processed into bio fuel which uses substantial energy to process. If you are using more energy to manufacter the product in the first place, it becomes counter productive, since you still return the same carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

Renewable sources such as solar and wind are expensive. Nuclear is ideal, but fuel rods are encased into concrete blocks and take over 10,000 years before radiation returns to normal levels which are unhealthy for the enviroment.

My final point is their are multi billion oil companies who make an absolute fortune. They will not surrender their dirty fuels until the worlds fuel resources are exhausted. Taxation of fuel shall not solve the problem; it is just an excuse that local government like to adopt in order to get lots of lovely taxes. It would seem the original mad max movie whereby tribes travel state to state smuggling fuel may soon happen in the foreseeable future when the worlds fuel resources eventially deplenish.

Loony tunes, and why Tony Blair's cabinet is truly quackers

Article pictureMy point is the sheer interference of this damn labour government. No one prior to them getting into power has spent so much time bringing into power so much political correctness, and legislation of the looney left. Get rid of this bloody useless government now! For those muppets who did vote Blair in for a third term, I hope you see the error of your ways... they may be called "the liberal left", since they are a liberal party, although I prefer to see them as the "loony left", who dance to the music of the "loony tunes" theme song from the buggs bunny cartoon!... just ask them "What's up doc ?", and they would be clueless. I bet Blair's diet consists of carrots... Tony, has lost the plot. Go and play with your rubber ducky...

That's all folks!

My suggestions on how a political party could win the next election:

1) Get out of the European Union.
2) If we did step 1, we could recover our economy within 3 years and have more money for our own country.
3) If we did step 1, we could scrap human right laws for criminals.
4) If we did step 1, we could beat the sh*t out of burglars if they break into your own home. Yeah !
5) If we did step 1, we could bring back discipline to kids. No wonder teachers leave their profession!
6) If we did step 1, we could scrap luxuries for prisoners and let them sleep on a bed of straw and wipe their botties with "grade A" sandpaper!
7) If we did step 1, we could bring back hanging! Just watch the crime figures drop overnight! Yeah !
8) If we did step 1, we could stop illegal immigrants from receiving money when entering the country.
9) The world would be a better place if we followed step 1.... blame Ted Heath.. he got us to join the EU in the first place.

And if an MP has read that and taken notice, then welcome to the real world!

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