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Sinclair Spectrum Retro Computing

Click graphic to read this article The year is 1983 and we revisit Sinclair Research, with interviews with some of the engineers who worked on the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, including Nigel Searle, Jim Westwood, Steven Vickers, Richard Altwasser and Rick Dickinson. Later that same year, Vickers and Altwasser left Sinclair to form a seperate startup company who later went onto produce the Jupiter Ace computer.
Click graphic to read this article Climb aboard my time machine. The webmaster shall whisk you back to the year 1982, when Timex, a former maker of digital watches teamed up with Sinclair to produce the very fine "ZX81 microcomputer!". You will even meet some very pretty ladies who aquainted Sinclair's production line at Dundee in Scotland as we visit the land of porrage, kilts, haggis, malt whiskey, and beautiful women. Bagpipes are hereby prohibited. Shhhhh! Their hard at work...
Click graphic to read this article Interview with Matthew Smith. From Sinclair User Magazine which was published in 1984. For the curious, Matthew Smith was the ZX Spectrum programmer behind Manic Miner and Jet Set Willy. I have added further information towards the end of the article regarding Matthew's 1983 and 2000 television appearances.
Click graphic to read this article Iain Lee interviews Matthew Smith seventeen years after Matt wrote Manic Miner! Broadcast from Channel Four television's 'Thumb Candy' documentary which appeared on British television in 2000.
Click graphic to read this article The webmaster analyzes his most memorable Sinclair Spectrum games from 20 years ago with his top ten favourites. It's poptastic mate!
Click graphic to read this article A level designer and editor for the ZX Spectrum game "Gauntlet". Previously printed in a 1987 issue of Your Sinclair magazine as a type-in program. Recreated by Hercules. I have also written some HTML documentation on how to use it.
Click graphic to read this article A tutorial written by Richard Swann in 1992, detailing how to hack commercial ZX Spectrum games and loading systems. Richard was a talented speccy hacker who regularly contributed to Your Sinclair magazine by providing readers with new hacks. Here is an HTML translation of Richard's 'How To Hack' booklet by the webmaster.
Click graphic to read this article Your Sinclair magazine's 'Smash Tips' partwork which was first published in 1988 I have completed transcribing to HTML. It includes hints, tips and hacks for 385 ZX-Spectrum games with 286 hacks available for download. Painstakingly transcribed over a 14 month period to HTML by Craig Daines.
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