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Amiga Retro Computing

Click graphic to read this article One man's mission to built the most powerful 16 bit and 32 bit range of computers. A tribute to the late Jay Miner, the creator of the Amiga computer.
Click graphic to read this article Just how far can you push a fourteen year old computer? I disect an Amiga 1200 desktop computer, hack it to pieces and fine tune it to hot rod specification! Hey let's ask William Shattner: "Captain Kirk to engineering... I need Warp factor nine in ten minutes"...

Click graphic to read this article The webmaster looks back at the Amiga demo scene, and to his favourite top ten masterpieces from some 20 years ago. If you missed out on the early Amiga demo scene, you really did miss out on a golden era; it combined the crux of graphics artists, musicians and programmers of the early 1990's.
Click graphic to read this article Here is a list of classes for Stefan Stunt's Magic User Interface for Amiga computers. If you ever wondered why MUI v3.8 crashes on a regular basis, then the chances are you should compare your versions to the ones I list here. You will be surprised. It also includes some rather useful tips.
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