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Favourite Links

A few of my favourite web pages, which are well worth a visit:

Retro Computing
The homepages of WinUAE, an Amiga emulator for 8086 clones and compatables running Microsoft Windows which is produced by Toni Wilen. Toni is from Finland. Despite his busy schedule during debugging sessions of each release of WinUAE, he always ceases to amaze me in that he always has time to answer e-mail queries. Alot of his work on the Win32 compile gets recompiled back to Linux, which is where WinUAE originally appeared.
Cloanto's Amiga Forever package, a commercial product that includes a fully emulated AmigaOS environment for you to run on your desktop PC. Purchase the premium DVD version and get lots of other goodies including liscenced KickStart ROM image files, and rare film footage.
The 'World of Spectrum' pages. The web's largest repositry for Sinclair Spectrum emulator fans. They hold virtually every Sinclair Spectrum piece of software ever written for Sir Clive's Sinclair's wonderful 1980's computer. They can also provide emulators for a host of operating systems allowing you to downgrade your powerful 2.4ghz 64 bit athlon processor to Zilog Z80's 4Mhz specifications and four million cycles per second. Relive the retro experience, complete with one channel beepy sound, monochrome pixelated graphics and attribute clash. Marvellous !
The homepages of Amiga. A wonderful computer. Jay Miner and the crew created it. Commodore f*cked it up good and proper with poor marketing. This machine may of been cursed, since there has been endless buyouts of the Amiga brand, but it simply refuses to die, much like the pheonix that arises from the ashes.

Retro Gaming
The homepages of MAME, also known as Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator which is maintained by Nicola Salmoria and the mame team. MAME allows you to accurately emulate over 3,000 arcade machines using BIOS images from the original arcade cabinets.
ROM World. The largest repositry for ROM's on the internet. Here you can find BIOS ROM images from over 3,000 arcade machines from past to present all available for download for you to run under Nicola Salmoria's MAME emulator. What ROM's you download is up to you. Just consider you are breaking international copyrights if you download any if you do not own the original arcade cabinet.
The homepages of many freeware utilities for Windows users, including Mame Extra, which supplies a basic GUI for the command line version of MAME as detailed above.
This site produces remakes that originally appeared on the Commodore 64 and Sinclair Spectrum computers way back in the 1980's. Here you shall find many remakes of old 8 bit micro games for Apple Macintosh and Windows. Steve "The Toker" Phelps was the original founder of this very page. Sadly, Steve passed on in July 1995 so just give him a thought when you visit this page. Upon visiting this page, you should download the remakes of Ocean's software's 'Head Over Heels' and 'Exolon DX' and 'Manic Miner' which originally appeared on the Sinclair Spectrum back in the golden 1980's.

Web hosting
Home page of AR Hosting Solutions. A very good UK web hoster that offer web hosting services at very competitive prices. They also host this very webpage you are reading now... End of plug, you can send me the money, now. If not, they can send me a crate of special brew.

Useful Microsoft Window's utilities
The homepages of CCleaner, a Freeware Windows registery cleaner that can clean up the rotting crap left behind from previous installed programs you have long since removed. Download the latest release of CCleaner here. I Highly recommended this, since it can prevent Slowdown and stability problems.
The homepages of SSC Service Utility, a freeware utility for Epson printer owners. Great if you refill your own Epson cartridges. Includes an ink freezer so you no longer need to use that damn cartridge resetter everytime you refill your own ink cartridges. Can also reset death timers on Epson printers, too. Download the latest release of SSC Service Utility here. Highly recommended!

Other sites
A useful site which provides a forum for present and past printers. If your printer has given up the ghost, sign up to the forum, who can answer all your problems and give you tips including advice on DIY printer repair and maintainance. You might just save a fortune and find out how to refill your own printer cartridges too. Here you can also find drivers and user manuals for many models of you printer here as well. An essential visit.

Music Sites
Jimi Hendrix will always remain a much sadly missed guitarist and artist. His creativity revolutionalized blues and rock guitarists due to his uniqiue style of distortion and electronic feedback. Jimi was also the perfectionist of the Wah Wah pedal. In 1969, many were dumb founded by his style of guitar work. Today, many blues and rock guitarists continue to copy his style 30 years on. It can be said, "impersonating ones idol can only be considered as the sincerest form of flattery". Furthermore, many have impersonated Jimi's works, but none have come close. Jimi's words in his vocals for "Burning of The Midnight Lamp" he sings: "Lonelyness is such a drag". The webmaster could not agree more. Jimi shall no longer find loneliness because many of his fans shall greet him in the afterlife. I shall be in that que, too, as I suspect many other Hendrix fans, who wish to shake the hand of an old friend. Thanks, Jimi...
The homepage of guitar wizard Joe Satriani, one of my favourite guitarists since the sad passing of Jimi Hendrix. Joe's musical inspiration is based on Jimi Hendrix's works. Despite singing on only just one album, 13 albums on and Joe Satriani is still selling his instrumental guitar albums by the bucket load due to his pure technical and musical ability.
The homepage of Steve Vai, another fantastic guitarist who originally played with Frank Zappa and was taught by Joe Satriani. Guitarists should listen to Vai's track "Windows To The Soul". It will open your soul, as well as blow your mind.

Talk radio for imsomniacs. UK listeners can locate this station on 1089 and 1053 AM. Presenters include James Whale, Ian Collins and fat man Mike Mendoza. Daytime listening just reveals boring sport, but throughout the night this station reveals the best talk radio in the UK, due to outspoken comments on old blighty and the state our country is in due to the European Union, amonngst other topics.
Station for rockers. Round the clock headbanging for digital radio listeners in the UK. If you do not live in the UK, then listen via the internet via this very web page. It makes a change from the usual crap that manufactered pop bands offer.

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