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Why you could metamorph into a sheep

Microsoft employees inspecting it's grazing users at the local farm. I must get Windows Vista, yes, me to Bob, and me ! Baaah !We interupt this program for a recent newsflash!. "Users who have come into contact with Microsoft products may show symptoms of convultions, strange facial contortions (often refered to as gurning) and permanent baldness caused by endless head scratching when wondering why their operating system has become such a bugged product. Other symptoms to look out for are bloatedness (resulting in further wastage of hard disk storage which the "definition of" can also refer to the phrase "flatuence" or "passing wind"). You will also experience the joys of serious internet security issues and large holes in the backdoor department (oo-er misses), virual infections (see your family planing centre about the mushrooms), an inability for the user to choose an operating system of his or her choice and an inability to think for themselves anymore (also refered to as Tony Blair "nanny state" syndrome). You may also have the urge to graze and impersonate with flocks of sheep by walking on all fours in the horizontal position and following thy leader, just like the previous consumer who also wasted their money on Microsoft bug ridden software.

"One, two, three altogether now...Baaaaahhhh!".

I don't do Windows !You, dear user as the sole purchaser of Microsoft products are the lamb, who continously supply Bill Gates with his staple food stuffs. In return, Gates shows more greed, power, bug ridden products, lack of open standards, no open source and bloated software like never before. It also means consumers have no other commercial purchase alternative and must purchase this crap which is ridden with bugs and spyware. The result of all this? Bill Gates continues to enjoy his staple food diet of lamb cutlets served with mint sauce. Food for thought...

Looking back to the 1980's and 1990's, the purchaser had freedom of choice to use a vast array of different computers. That choice has now gone, because Bill Gates monopolized the market with the 8086 processor and his bug ridden Windows operating system. Whereas most people will agree that the 8086 processor is powerful, we are denied a choice as to which operating system to run on our computers, since every machine is shipped with "Microsoft Windows". This needs to change, because introducing further competition in the market ensures the consumer gets greater freedom of choice when purchasing an operating system, and incourages competition between rival competitors, thus, ensuring the customer gets the best deal.

My message to you the consumer, is you do not have to put up with this crap. Stand up for your rights as a consumer and demand an alternative to Microsoft Windows. Boycott Microsoft products and let Bill eat the sheep sh*t instead (and without the mint sauce this time around!)...

The picture below shows how one user greeted Bill Gates during his arrival at the Microsoft conference. They shoved a custard pie in his face. Now that's flantastic! Muhahaha !

Hi fans. I am god!I want my mommy

The Windows Vista System Crash requester

Microsoft employees last week discussed some ideas for their system crash requester, everytime you see the BSOD (Blue Screen of Death). Here is what they came up with. Hey! Nice one Bill, but please stay in the trashcan! To continue, please click the 'End Now" button.

Get back in the trashcan!

I don't need crap

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