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Startip 2
Tim Follin

Whereas David Whittaker accomplished some great 48k and 128k pieces of music, the next time you hear some realistic five channel music from your Spectrum or Spectrum emulator, just bear in mind one name: "Tim Follin". Tim was the musical wizard who accomplished some great sounding five channel sonics from the Sinclair 48k Spectrum, with some of the finest layered dinamic's ever to grace the Sinclair Spectrum's 48k's internal speaker. Tim was always one step ahead: he fine tuned his techniques to absolute perfection. His multi channel compisitions began with the likes of the musical masterpieces of such computer games as the Agent X I and II theme and also Chronos on the Sinclair Spectrum, which were all released on the Mastronic label. However, it was Tim's music in "Agent X II" in which he truly perefected his multi channel sound routines with the best sounding sonics to ever grace the Sinclair 48k Spectrum. Whatsmore who could ever think you could get a drum snare out of Sinclair's 48k Spectrum?

I provide Tim's machine code route as printed in a "Your Sinclair magazine in the year 1987, as a fitting tribute. Hopefully he does not mind. It was published under the heading of "Star Tip 2" which was printed in the "program pitstop" section of the magazine".

His piece of code demonstrates some very clever trickery by squeezing four channel music out of the Sinclair 48k Spectrum. The machine code for this routine starts at address 40000, and is 1340 bytes long. I also provide the routine in TAP and TZX formats for you to load into your Spectrum emulator if you wish to save yourself some typing (download it by clicking the links below).

Click here to download! (TAP format)

Click here to download! (TZX format)

His routine I have provided with numerical values printed in decimal depending which your assembler prefers. I include his composition also as an MP3 for those that do not have a Spectrum or Spectrum emulator which you can download by clicking this link (0.5 megabytes) which you can load into any suitable MP3 player such as Windows Media player.

; Star Tip 2 by Tim Follin.
; Printed in Your Sinclair program pistop
; in 1987.
; Z80 Disassembly by Craig Daines.
; Numerical values are printed in hex.
; if this is inconvient, I provide the
; same disassembly with numerical values
; printed in decimal (available as a seperate
; file).
; The routine starts at address 9C40
; (40000 decimal) and ends at address A17B
; (41339 decimal), and is 1340 bytes long.
; RANDOMIZE USR 40000 to hear it.
9C40   DI    
9C41   LD    HL,3E8
9C44   LD    (9D5A),HL
9C47   LD    IX,9D62
9C4B   LD    A,(IX,+0)
9C4E   INC   A
9C4F   JP    NZ,9C7C
9C52   INC   IX
9C54   LD    H,(IX,+1)
9C57   LD    L,(IX,+0)
9C5A   LD    (9D57),HL
9C5D   INC   IX
9C5F   INC   IX
9C61   LD    A,(IX,+0)
9C64   LD    (9D5C),A
9C67   LD    A,(IX,+1)
9C6A   LD    (9D5A),A
9C6D   LD    A,(IX,+2)
9C70   LD    (9D5F),A
9C73   INC   IX
9C75   INC   IX
9C77   INC   IX
9C79   JP    9C4B
9C7C   LD    A,(9D5A)
9C7F   LD    (9D5B),A
9C82   LD    A,(9D5C)
9C85   LD    (9D5D),A
9C88   LD    BC,(9D57)
9C8C   LD    H,(IX,+0)
9C8F   LD    L,(IX,+1)
9C92   LD    D,(IX,+2)
9C95   LD    E,A
9C97   LD    A,1
9C99   LD    (9D59),A
9C9C   LD    (9D5E),A
9CA2   XOR   A
9CA3   IN    A,(FE)
9CA5   CPL   
9CA6   AND   1F
9CA8   JP    NZ,9CB8
9CB1   LD    A,(IX,+0)
9CB4   AND   A
9CB5   JP    NZ,9C4B
9CB8   EI    
9CB9   RET   
9CBB   LD    A,(9D59)
9CBE   LD    C,A
9CBF   DEC   H
9CC0   JR    NZ,+11;9CD3
9CC2   XOR   A
9CC3   OUT   (FE),A
9CC5   LD    B,C
9CC6   DJNZ  -2;9CC6
9CC8   LD    A,10
9CCA   OUT   (FE),A
9CCC   SUB   A,C
9CCD   LD    B,A
9CCE   DJNZ  -2;9CCE
9CD0   LD    H,(IX,+0)
9CD3   DEC   L
9CD4   JR    NZ,+11;9CE7
9CD6   XOR   A
9CD7   OUT   (FE),A
9CD9   LD    B,C
9CDA   DJNZ  -2;9CDA
9CDC   LD    A,10
9CDE   OUT   (FE),A
9CE0   SUB   A,C
9CE1   LD    B,A
9CE2   DJNZ  -2;9CE2
9CE4   LD    L,(IX,+1)
9CE7   DEC   D
9CE8   JR    NZ,+11;9CFB
9CEA   XOR   A
9CEB   OUT   (FE),A
9CED   LD    B,C
9CEE   DJNZ  -2;9CEE
9CF0   LD    A,10
9CF2   OUT   (FE),A
9CF4   SUB   A,C
9CF5   LD    B,A
9CF6   DJNZ  -2;9CF6
9CF8   LD    D,(IX,+2)
9CFB   DEC   E
9CFC   JP    NZ,9D4F
9CFF   LD    E,A
9D01   LD    A,(9D5E)
9D04   AND   A
9D05   JP    Z,9D2F
9D08   LD    A,(9D5D)
9D0B   DEC   A
9D0C   LD    (9D5D),A
9D0F   JP    NZ,9D4F
9D12   LD    A,(9D5C)
9D15   LD    (9D5D),A
9D18   LD    A,(9D59)
9D1B   INC   A
9D1C   LD    (9D59),A
9D1F   CP    F
9D21   JP    NZ,9D4F
9D24   DEC   A
9D25   LD    (9D59),A
9D28   XOR   A
9D29   LD    (9D5E),A
9D2C   JP    9D4F
9D2F   LD    A,(9D5B)
9D32   DEC   A
9D33   LD    (9D5B),A
9D36   JP    NZ,9D4F
9D39   LD    A,(9D5A)
9D3C   LD    (9D5B),A
9D3F   LD    A,(9D59)
9D42   DEC   A
9D43   LD    B,A
9D44   LD    A,(9D5F)
9D47   CP    B
9D48   JP    Z,9D4F
9D4B   LD    A,B
9D4C   LD    (9D59),A
9D4F   POP   BC
9D50   DEC   BC
9D51   LD    A,B
9D52   OR    C
9D53   JP    NZ,9CBA
9D56   RET   
9D57   NOP   
9D58   SUB   A,(HL)
9D59   INC   C
9D5A   ADD   A,B
9D5B   ADD   A,B
9D5C   NOP   
9D5D   NOP   
9D5E   NOP   
9D5F   LD    BC,0
9D62   RST   38
9D63   LD    H,B
9D64   ADD   HL,BC
9D65   LD    (BC),A
9D66   LD    BC,410A
9D69   LD    D,D
9D6A   LD    L,L
9D6B   DEC   A
9D6C   LD    D,D
9D6D   LD    L,L
9D6E   LD    B,C
9D6F   LD    D,D
9D70   LD    L,L
9D71   LD    C,C
9D72   LD    D,D
9D73   LD    L,L
9D74   RST   38
9D75   NOP   
9D76   SUB   A,(HL)
9D77   LD    BC,196
9D7A   LD    D,A
9D7B   LD    H,D
9D7C   ADD   A,E
9D7D   RST   38
9D7E   NOP   
9D7F   SUB   A,(HL)
9D80   JP    M,F00
9D83   LD    D,A
9D84   LD    H,D
9D85   ADD   A,E
9D86   RST   38
9D87   LD    H,B
9D88   ADD   HL,BC
9D89   INC   B
9D8A   LD    BC,530A
9D8D   LD    E,L
9D8E   LD    A,H
9D8F   LD    B,(HL)
9D90   LD    E,L
9D91   LD    A,H
9D92   LD    A,5D
9D94   LD    A,H
9D95   LD    B,(HL)
9D96   LD    E,L
9D97   LD    A,H
9D98   LD    E,L
9D99   LD    E,L
9D9A   LD    A,H
9D9B   LD    H,E
9D9C   LD    E,L
9D9D   LD    A,H
9D9E   LD    E,L
9D9F   LD    D,E
9DA0   LD    A,H
9DA1   LD    H,E
9DA2   LD    D,E
9DA3   LD    A,H
9DA4   LD    L,(HL)
9DA5   LD    D,E
9DA6   LD    A,H
9DA7   LD    A,H
9DA8   LD    D,E
9DA9   LD    A,H
9DAA   ADC   A,H
9DAB   LD    D,E
9DAC   LD    A,H
9DAD   LD    A,H
9DAE   LD    D,E
9DAF   LD    A,H
9DB0   LD    L,A
9DB1   LD    D,E
9DB2   LD    A,H
9DB3   LD    D,E
9DB4   LD    D,E
9DB5   LD    A,H
9DB6   RST   38
9DB7   LD    H,B
9DB8   ADD   HL,BC
9DB9   INC   B
9DBA   LD    BC,640A
9DBD   ADD   A,L
9DBE   RET   Z
9DBF   LD    E,C
9DC0   ADD   A,L
9DC1   RET   Z
9DC2   LD    D,H
9DC3   ADD   A,L
9DC4   RET   Z
9DC5   LD    B,D
9DC6   ADD   A,H
9DC7   RST   0
9DC8   LD    D,H
9DC9   ADD   A,L
9DCA   RET   Z
9DCB   LD    E,C
9DCC   ADD   A,L
9DCD   RET   Z
9DCE   LD    H,H
9DCF   ADD   A,L
9DD0   RET   Z
9DD1   LD    (HL),B
9DD2   ADD   A,(HL)
9DD3   RET   Z
9DD4   LD    C,E
9DD5   SUB   A,(HL)
9DD6   POP   HL
9DD7   LD    D,H
9DD8   SUB   A,(HL)
9DD9   POP   HL
9DDA   LD    E,A
9DDB   SUB   A,(HL)
9DDD   LD    H,H
9DDE   SUB   A,(HL)
9DE0   LD    (HL),C
9DE1   SUB   A,(HL)
9DE2   POP   HL
9DE3   LD    A,A
9DE4   SUB   A,A
9DE5   POP   HL
9DE6   LD    (HL),C
9DE7   SUB   A,(HL)
9DE8   POP   HL
9DE9   LD    H,H
9DEA   SUB   A,(HL)
9DEC   LD    C,(HL)
9DED   SBC   A,L
9DEE   EX    DE,HL
9DEF   LD    E,B
9DF0   SBC   A,L
9DF1   EX    DE,HL
9DF2   LD    C,(HL)
9DF3   SBC   A,L
9DF4   EX    DE,HL
9DF5   LD    B,D
9DF6   SBC   A,H
9DF7   JP    PE,9C46
9DFA   EX    DE,HL
9DFB   LD    E,B
9DFC   SBC   A,H
9DFD   EX    DE,HL
9DFE   LD    C,(HL)
9DFF   SBC   A,L
9E00   EX    DE,HL
9E01   LD    E,B
9E02   SBC   A,L
9E03   EX    DE,HL
9E04   LD    C,(HL)
9E05   SBC   A,L
9E06   EX    DE,HL
9E07   LD    H,E
9E08   SBC   A,L
9E09   EX    DE,HL
9E0A   LD    L,C
9E0B   SBC   A,L
9E0C   EX    DE,HL
9E0D   ADD   A,H
9E0E   SBC   A,L
9E0F   EX    DE,HL
9E10   HALT  
9E11   SBC   A,L
9E12   EX    DE,HL
9E13   HALT  
9E14   SBC   A,L
9E15   EX    DE,HL
9E16   HALT  
9E17   SBC   A,L
9E18   EX    DE,HL
9E19   HALT  
9E1A   SBC   A,L
9E1B   EX    DE,HL
9E1C   LD    E,B
9E1D   LD    H,E
9E1E   RST   0
9E1F   LD    E,B
9E20   LD    D,E
9E21   ADD   A,57
9E23   LD    B,C
9E24   PUSH  BC
9E25   LD    D,A
9E26   SCF   
9E27   JP    6358
9E2A   RST   0
9E2B   LD    E,B
9E2C   LD    D,E
9E2D   ADD   A,57
9E2F   LD    B,C
9E30   PUSH  BC
9E31   LD    D,A
9E32   SCF   
9E33   JP    6353
9E36   RST   0
9E37   LD    D,E
9E38   LD    D,E
9E39   ADD   A,53
9E3B   LD    B,C
9E3D   LD    D,E
9E3E   SCF   
9E3F   JP    6353
9E42   RST   0
9E43   LD    D,E
9E44   LD    D,E
9E45   ADD   A,53
9E47   LD    B,C
9E48   PUSH  BC
9E49   LD    D,E
9E4A   SCF   
9E4B   JP    6363
9E4E   RST   18
9E4F   LD    H,E
9E50   LD    E,(HL)
9E51   RST   18
9E52   LD    H,E
9E53   LD    C,D
9E54   RST   18
9E55   LD    H,E
9E56   LD    A,DF
9E58   LD    H,E
9E59   LD    H,E
9E5A   RST   18
9E5B   LD    H,E
9E5C   LD    E,(HL)
9E5D   RST   18
9E5E   LD    H,E
9E5F   LD    C,D
9E60   RST   18
9E61   LD    H,E
9E62   LD    A,DF
9E64   LD    E,L
9E65   LD    H,E
9E66   RST   18
9E67   LD    E,L
9E68   LD    E,(HL)
9E69   RST   18
9E6A   LD    E,L
9E6B   LD    C,D
9E6C   RST   18
9E6D   LD    E,L
9E6E   LD    A,DF
9E70   LD    E,L
9E71   LD    H,E
9E72   RST   18
9E73   LD    E,L
9E74   LD    E,(HL)
9E75   RST   18
9E76   LD    E,L
9E77   LD    C,D
9E78   RST   18
9E79   LD    E,L
9E7A   LD    A,DF
9E7C   LD    L,A
9E7D   LD    H,E
9E7E   RST   0
9E7F   LD    L,A
9E80   LD    D,E
9E81   ADD   A,6F
9E83   LD    B,C
9E84   PUSH  BC
9E85   LD    L,A
9E86   SCF   
9E87   JP    6384
9E8A   RST   0
9E8B   ADD   A,H
9E8C   LD    D,E
9E8D   ADD   A,84
9E8F   LD    B,C
9E90   PUSH  BC
9E91   ADD   A,H
9E92   SCF   
9E93   JP    637D
9E96   RST   18
9E97   LD    A,L
9E98   LD    E,(HL)
9E99   RST   18
9E9A   LD    A,L
9E9B   LD    C,D
9E9C   RST   18
9E9D   LD    A,L
9E9E   LD    A,DF
9EA0   SUB   A,H
9EA1   LD    H,E
9EA2   RST   18
9EA3   SUB   A,H
9EA4   LD    E,(HL)
9EA5   RST   18
9EA6   SUB   A,H
9EA7   LD    C,D
9EA8   RST   18
9EA9   SUB   A,H
9EAA   LD    A,DF
9EAC   ADD   A,H
9EAD   LD    H,E
9EAE   RST   0
9EAF   ADD   A,H
9EB0   LD    D,E
9EB1   ADD   A,84
9EB3   LD    B,C
9EB5   ADD   A,H
9EB6   SCF   
9EB7   JP    636F
9EBA   RST   0
9EBB   LD    L,A
9EBC   LD    D,E
9EBD   ADD   A,6F
9EBF   LD    B,C
9EC1   LD    L,A
9EC2   SCF   
9EC3   JP    6363
9EC6   RST   0
9EC7   LD    H,E
9EC8   LD    D,E
9EC9   ADD   A,63
9ECB   LD    B,C
9ECD   LD    H,E
9ECE   SCF   
9ECF   JP    6363
9ED2   RST   0
9ED3   LD    H,E
9ED4   LD    D,E
9ED5   ADD   A,63
9ED7   LD    B,C
9ED9   LD    H,E
9EDA   SCF   
9EDB   JP    6363
9EDE   RST   0
9EDF   LD    E,(HL)
9EE0   LD    D,E
9EE1   ADD   A,63
9EE3   LD    B,C
9EE5   LD    E,(HL)
9EE6   SCF   
9EE7   JP    6363
9EEA   RST   0
9EEB   LD    E,(HL)
9EEC   LD    D,E
9EED   ADD   A,63
9EEF   LD    B,C
9EF1   LD    E,(HL)
9EF2   SCF   
9EF3   JP    5D5D
9EF6   JP    NC,5875
9EF9   JP    NC,455C
9EFC   RST   8
9EFD   LD    E,B
9EFE   LD    A,(5DD0)
9F01   LD    E,L
9F02   JP    NC,5875
9F05   JP    NC,455C
9F08   RST   8
9F09   LD    E,B
9F0A   LD    A,(5DD0)
9F0D   LD    E,L
9F0E   JP    NC,5875
9F11   JP    NC,455C
9F14   RST   8
9F15   LD    E,B
9F16   LD    A,(5CD0)
9F19   LD    E,H
9F1A   ADC   A,E
9F1B   LD    (HL),L
9F1C   LD    E,B
9F1D   ADC   A,E
9F1E   LD    E,H
9F1F   LD    B,L
9F20   ADC   A,E
9F21   LD    E,B
9F22   LD    A,(638B)
9F25   LD    H,E
9F26   SBC   A,63
9F28   LD    E,(HL)
9F29   SBC   A,63
9F2B   LD    C,D
9F2C   LD    HX,D
9F2E   LD    A,DC
9F30   LD    H,E
9F31   LD    H,E
9F32   SBC   A,63
9F34   LD    E,(HL)
9F35   SBC   A,63
9F37   LD    C,D
9F38   LD    L,A
9F39   LD    H,D
9F3A   LD    A,DC
9F3C   LD    H,E
9F3D   LD    H,E
9F3E   SUB   A,H
9F3F   LD    H,E
9F40   LD    E,(HL)
9F41   RET   M
9F42   LD    H,E
9F43   LD    C,D
9F44   SUB   A,H
9F45   LD    H,D
9F46   LD    A,F8
9F48   LD    H,E
9F49   LD    H,E
9F4A   RET   M
9F4B   LD    H,E
9F4C   LD    E,(HL)
9F4D   RET   M
9F4E   LD    H,E
9F4F   LD    C,D
9F50   RET   M
9F51   LD    H,D
9F52   LD    A,F8
9F54   RST   38
9F55   LD    H,B
9F56   ADD   HL,BC
9F57   LD    BC,D01
9F5A   LD    H,E
9F5B   LD    H,E
9F5C   RET   M
9F5D   LD    H,E
9F5E   LD    E,(HL)
9F5F   RET   M
9F60   LD    H,E
9F61   LD    C,D
9F62   RET   M
9F63   LD    H,D
9F64   LD    A,F8
9F66   LD    H,E
9F67   LD    H,E
9F68   RET   M
9F69   LD    H,E
9F6A   LD    E,(HL)
9F6B   RET   M
9F6C   LD    H,E
9F6D   LD    C,D
9F6E   RET   M
9F6F   LD    H,D
9F70   LD    A,F8
9F72   LD    L,A
9F73   LD    H,E
9F74   RET   M
9F75   LD    L,A
9F76   LD    E,(HL)
9F77   RET   M
9F78   LD    L,A
9F79   LD    C,D
9F7A   RET   M
9F7B   LD    L,A
9F7C   LD    A,F8
9F7E   LD    L,A
9F7F   LD    H,E
9F80   RET   M
9F81   LD    L,A
9F82   LD    E,(HL)
9F83   RET   M
9F84   LD    L,A
9F85   LD    C,D
9F86   RET   M
9F87   LD    L,A
9F88   LD    A,F8
9F8A   RST   38
9F8B   RET   NZ
9F8C   LD    (DE),A
9F8D   LD    BC,D01
9F90   LD    C,D
9F91   LD    E,C
9F92   SBC   A,53
9F94   LD    H,E
9F95   CALL  C,6F59
9F98   SBC   A,53
9F9A   LD    H,E
9F9B   CALL  C,7C63
9F9E   LD    SP,HL
9F9F   LD    E,B
9FA0   LD    L,A
9FA1   LD    SP,HL
9FA2   LD    C,D
9FA3   LD    E,B
9FA4   LD    SP,HL
9FA5   LD    E,B
9FA6   LD    L,A
9FA7   LD    SP,HL
9FA8   RST   38
9FA9   LD    H,B
9FAB   LD    BC,D01
9FAE   LD    D,A
9FAF   LD    L,B
9FB0   ADD   A,E
9FB1   LD    L,B
9FB2   LD    L,B
9FB3   ADD   A,E
9FB4   ADD   A,E
9FB5   LD    L,B
9FB6   ADD   A,E
9FB7   LD    H,D
9FB8   LD    L,B
9FB9   ADD   A,E
9FBA   LD    L,B
9FBB   LD    L,B
9FBC   ADD   A,E
9FBD   ADD   A,E
9FBE   LD    L,B
9FBF   ADD   A,E
9FC0   LD    H,D
9FC1   LD    L,A
9FC2   SUB   A,H
9FC3   LD    L,A
9FC4   LD    L,A
9FC5   SUB   A,H
9FC6   SUB   A,H
9FC7   LD    L,A
9FC8   SUB   A,H
9FC9   LD    E,B
9FCA   LD    L,A
9FCB   SUB   A,H
9FCC   LD    L,A
9FCD   LD    L,A
9FCE   SUB   A,H
9FCF   SUB   A,H
9FD0   LD    L,A
9FD1   SUB   A,H
9FD2   LD    D,A
9FD3   LD    L,B
9FD4   ADD   A,E
9FD5   LD    L,B
9FD6   LD    L,B
9FD7   ADD   A,E
9FD8   ADD   A,E
9FD9   LD    L,B
9FDA   ADD   A,E
9FDB   LD    H,D
9FDC   LD    L,B
9FDD   ADD   A,E
9FDE   LD    L,B
9FDF   LD    L,B
9FE0   ADD   A,E
9FE1   ADD   A,E
9FE2   LD    L,B
9FE3   ADD   A,E
9FE4   LD    H,D
9FE5   LD    L,A
9FE6   SUB   A,H
9FE7   LD    L,A
9FE8   LD    L,A
9FE9   SUB   A,H
9FEA   SUB   A,H
9FEB   LD    L,A
9FEC   SUB   A,H
9FEE   LD    L,A
9FEF   SUB   A,H
9FF0   LD    L,A
9FF1   LD    L,A
9FF2   SUB   A,H
9FF3   SUB   A,H
9FF4   LD    L,A
9FF5   SUB   A,H
9FF6   RST   38
9FF7   LD    H,B
9FF8   ADD   HL,BC
9FF9   LD    BC,11E
9FFC   LD    L,A
9FFD   SUB   A,H
9FFE   SBC   A,6F
A000   SUB   A,H
A001   SBC   A,6F
A003   SUB   A,H
A004   SBC   A,6F
A006   SUB   A,H
A007   SBC   A,7D
A009   AND   (HL)
A00A   SBC   A,6F
A00C   SUB   A,H
A00D   SBC   A,7D
A00F   AND   (HL)
A010   SBC   A,6F
A012   SUB   A,H
A013   SBC   A,5D
A015   ADC   A,H
A016   SBC   A,6F
A018   ADC   A,H
A019   SBC   A,6F
A01B   ADC   A,H
A01C   SBC   A,6F
A01E   ADC   A,H
A01F   SBC   A,7D
A021   ADC   A,H
A022   SBC   A,6F
A024   ADC   A,H
A025   SBC   A,5D
A027   ADC   A,H
A028   SBC   A,6F
A02A   ADC   A,H
A02B   SBC   A,53
A02D   LD    A,H
A02E   SBC   A,63
A030   LD    A,H
A031   SBC   A,7C
A033   LD    A,H
A034   SBC   A,95
A036   LD    A,H
A037   SBC   A,7C
A039   LD    A,H
A03A   SBC   A,63
A03C   LD    A,H
A03D   SBC   A,53
A03F   LD    A,H
A040   SBC   A,5D
A042   LD    A,H
A043   SBC   A,63
A045   LD    A,H
A046   SBC   A,7C
A048   LD    A,H
A049   SBC   A,6F
A04B   LD    L,A
A04C   SBC   A,6F
A04E   LD    L,A
A04F   SBC   A,6F
A051   LD    L,A
A052   SBC   A,6F
A054   LD    L,A
A055   SBC   A,6F
A057   LD    L,A
A058   SBC   A,6F
A05A   LD    L,A
A05B   SBC   A,6F
A05D   LD    L,A
A05E   SBC   A,6F
A060   LD    L,A
A061   SBC   A,6F
A063   LD    L,A
A064   SBC   A,FF
A066   RET   NZ
A067   LD    (DE),A
A068   LD    BC,0
A06B   RET   PO
A06C   POP   HL
A06D   JP    PO,E1E0
A070   JP    PO,60FF
A073   ADD   HL,BC
A074   LD    BC,2800
A077   LD    E,L
A078   LD    A,H
A079   SUB   A,E
A07A   RET   PO
A07B   POP   HL
A07C   JP    PO,E1E0
A07F   JP    PO,7C5D
A082   SUB   A,E
A083   RET   PO
A084   POP   HL
A085   JP    PO,E1E0
A088   JP    PO,7C5D
A08B   SUB   A,E
A08C   RET   PO
A08D   POP   HL
A08E   JP    PO,80FF
A091   DEC   H
A092   LD    BC,1E00
A095   LD    H,D
A096   LD    A,H
A097   AND   L
A098   RST   38
A099   LD    H,B
A09A   ADD   HL,BC
A09B   LD    BC,200
A09E   DEC   A
A09F   LD    A,D
A0A0   CP    B
A0A1   LD    B,L
A0A2   LD    L,(HL)
A0A3   CP    B
A0A4   LD    C,C
A0A5   LD    A,D
A0A6   CP    B
A0A7   LD    (HL),6D
A0A9   AND   E
A0AA   DEC   A
A0AB   LD    H,C
A0AC   AND   E
A0AD   LD    B,C
A0AE   LD    L,L
A0AF   AND   E
A0B0   DEC   A
A0B1   LD    A,D
A0B2   CP    B
A0B3   LD    B,L
A0B4   LD    L,(HL)
A0B5   CP    B
A0B6   LD    C,C
A0B7   LD    A,D
A0B8   CP    B
A0B9   LD    (HL),6D
A0BB   AND   E
A0BC   DEC   A
A0BD   LD    H,C
A0BE   AND   E
A0BF   LD    B,C
A0C0   LD    L,L
A0C1   AND   E
A0C2   RST   38
A0C3   RET   NZ
A0C4   LD    (DE),A
A0C5   LD    BC,2800
A0C8   RET   PO
A0C9   POP   HL
A0CA   JP    PO,E1E0
A0CD   JP    PO,60FF
A0D0   ADD   HL,BC
A0D1   LD    BC,2800
A0D4   LD    E,L
A0D5   LD    A,H
A0D6   SUB   A,E
A0D7   RET   PO
A0D8   POP   HL
A0D9   JP    PO,E1E0
A0DC   JP    PO,7C5D
A0DF   SUB   A,E
A0E0   RET   PO
A0E1   POP   HL
A0E2   JP    PO,E1E0
A0E5   JP    PO,7C5D
A0E8   SUB   A,E
A0E9   RET   PO
A0EB   JP    PO,80FF
A0EE   DEC   H
A0EF   LD    BC,1E00
A0F2   LD    D,D
A0F3   LD    L,L
A0F4   ADD   A,D
A0F5   RST   38
A0F6   LD    H,B
A0F7   ADD   HL,BC
A0F8   LD    BC,200
A0FB   DEC   A
A0FC   LD    A,D
A0FD   CP    B
A0FE   LD    B,L
A0FF   LD    L,(HL)
A100   CP    B
A101   LD    C,C
A102   LD    A,D
A103   CP    B
A104   LD    (HL),6D
A106   AND   E
A107   DEC   A
A108   LD    H,C
A109   AND   E
A10A   LD    B,C
A10B   LD    L,L
A10C   AND   E
A10D   LD    B,L
A10E   ADC   A,D
A10F   RST   8
A110   LD    C,(HL)
A111   LD    A,H
A112   RST   8
A113   LD    D,E
A114   ADC   A,E
A115   RET   NC
A116   DEC   A
A117   LD    A,D
A118   CP    B
A119   LD    B,L
A11A   LD    L,(HL)
A11B   CP    B
A11C   LD    C,C
A11D   LD    A,D
A11E   CP    B
A11F   LD    C,(HL)
A120   SBC   A,H
A121   JP    PE,8C58
A124   JP    PE,9D5E
A127   EX    DE,HL
A128   LD    B,L
A129   ADC   A,D
A12A   RST   8
A12B   LD    C,(HL)
A12C   LD    A,H
A12D   RST   8
A12E   LD    D,E
A12F   ADC   A,E
A130   RET   NC
A131   DEC   A
A132   LD    A,D
A133   CP    B
A134   LD    B,L
A135   LD    L,(HL)
A136   CP    B
A137   LD    C,C
A138   LD    A,D
A139   CP    B
A13A   LD    (HL),6D
A13C   AND   E
A13D   DEC   A
A13E   LD    H,C
A13F   AND   E
A140   LD    B,C
A141   LD    L,L
A142   AND   E
A143   JR    NC,+60;A1A5
A145   SUB   A,B
A146   LD    (HL),56
A148   SUB   A,B
A149   ADD   HL,SP
A14A   LD    H,B
A14B   SUB   A,B
A14C   LD    (HL),56
A14E   SUB   A,B
A14F   JR    NC,+60;A1B1
A151   SUB   A,B
A152   LD    (HL),56
A154   SUB   A,B
A155   ADD   HL,SP
A156   LD    H,B
A157   SUB   A,B
A158   LD    (HL),56
A15A   SUB   A,B
A15B   JR    NC,+60;A1BD
A15D   SUB   A,B
A15E   LD    (HL),56
A160   SUB   A,B
A161   ADD   HL,SP
A162   LD    H,B
A163   SUB   A,B
A164   LD    (HL),56
A166   SUB   A,B
A167   JR    NC,+60;A1C9
A169   SUB   A,B
A16A   LD    (HL),56
A16C   SUB   A,B
A16D   ADD   HL,SP
A16E   LD    H,B
A16F   SUB   A,B
A170   LD    (HL),56
A172   SUB   A,B
A173   RST   38
A174   NOP   
A175   SUB   A,(HL)
A176   NOP   
A177   ADD   A,B
A178   LD    BC,6039
A17B   SUB   A,B

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